The Mysterious Power of Hardware

We are dedicated to creating the perfect combination of flow and beauty as you move through the day in your home. By weaving functionality into what are normally just boxes, panels, and drawers, we bring them to life to support yours. Much of this innovation occurs at the small, detail level, where mysterious powers are knitted into our uniquely designed hardware that enables what you do every day to feel so good.

Finger pull formed in the solid brass door frame.
The pivot door hinge is the enabler of discreet flush doors to hide a pantry, bath, or fire escape.
Integrated drawer pull - an elegant functional approach to the desire for flush handles.
The adjustable wardrobe door rack with pockets and hanging bars makes small items - like belts, scarves and ties - easy to see and reach.
Movable steel shelf of our flexible backsplash system puts what you need where you need it.
Steel adjustable drawer rails for maximum flexibilty of corralling every day items.
Opencase panel system hardware enables you to change the fittings at a whim.
The hidden Opencase hardware 'bosses' that support (literally) the system pieces.
Opencase Wine Rack
Sometimes our hardware is soft.
Sometimes our functional pulls have no hardware at all.
Soft leather pulls, morticed into the top of a dressing room drawer, feel good against the body and are easy on clothes.
Opencase hooks designed to fit and flow along the hang rods.
Clips for our system of reusable shipping containers. Hardware you won't see that protects your project.
Hooks designed with specialized function in mind - here for sets of bracelets but an equally helpful hand for belts and bags.