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Henrybuilt Far Afield
Henrybuilt clients, architects, and designers are rarely in the same place. And, increasingly realize they don't need to be. Distance is no match for our design process, delivery system, and installation support that makes it possible for our clients to get a great result, regardless of project or people location.
Another Country

A client calls us from Mexico City after spotting us in a design publication. His architect, Felipe Assadi, is based in Chile. The kitchen isn’t designed yet, and his builder is pouring concrete in a week. He hires Henrybuilt - sight unseen - as part of the team to realize his vision.


Architect: Felipe Assadi
We design our systems into every room in the house. A decade later, Casa Roel remains one of our favorites.
The house is designed of concrete, steel, and glass. Wood is the unifying thread.

Henrybuilt tailored systems provided the client the power to achieve his goal of carrying refined quality and functionality throughout the project, not just in the ‘public’ rooms.
The high modernist architecture required seamless integration of the functional wood pieces.

Henrybuilt’s floating walnut credenza was designed to extend the concrete wall – precisely engineered to cantilever from it - creating a bridge between the living and dining spaces.
More than half of our projects involve multiple rooms and areas within a home.
Working with a system built in Seattle, 2800 miles away from the site, seems counterintuitive to achieving the exacting result a poured concrete house demanded. However, it is exactly that system approach – rather than on the ground ‘figuring out as you go’ - that enables such a precise, refined and elevated result.
On an Island

A San Francisco-based interior designer visits our Soho studio during New York Design Week. She returns to the Bay Area and, looking to bring system sophistication into crafted island living, introduces Henrybuilt to an island project. A year and a half later, Canada-based clients are enjoying an elevated holiday home in Hawaii.


Interiors: Catherine Kwong Design
Architecture: ZAK Architecture

Photography: Matthew Millman
A serene private bedroom. Welcoming to walk into, beautiful to wake up to - a graceful space for dressing, working, and capturing quiet time.
Subtle elements like thick panels framing the island lend a crafted feel to the performance kitchen.
The quality of Henrybuilt starts on the inside and ends with the way it works. It's a holistic approach to design and manufacturing that determines how it feels to live with and create true quality in your home.
In the Country

A city family takes a modern system approach to building modern country house in upstate New York. Their goal: simplify the design and construction process. Achieve a better result, with less effort, and lower risk…especially in a remote location.
Enter Texas architecture firm Lake | Flato’s Porch House system - modules and connecting porches that link to the outdoors – and Henrybuilt’s kitchen system for the interiors. A marriage of elegance and functionalism. Of craft and innovation. Matchmade by designer Emily Summers.

Photography: Chris Cooper
The systems that both firms brought to the table are flexible enough to create a unique result rooted in its particular place and reflective of the sophistication of those living in it.
In the Woods

An architect stops by our Seattle studio to tell us about a project for their client in Chicago. That winter, our kitchen is snowmobiled across a frozen lake to its new home in the Ontario Northwoods. Needless to say, this client likes privacy, so we leave it to your visual imagination.

But, into the woods we go on a regular basis, especially at higher elevations.


Architecture by Elise Fett

Hamptons-based Blaze Makoid Architecture

Platt Dana Architects, New York
The list goes on... we have countless stories of our ventures across post codes and time zones.

Design that knows no borders.