An Overview
The Evolution of the Kitchen
We are dedicated to making a transformative and long-lasting impact on the daily experience of living in your home, starting with the kitchen. Our approach is based on evolving the idea of what a kitchen can be, making it more fulfilling and enjoyable to do the basic things you do every day—more fluid, natural and relaxing.

A Henrybuilt designer works with each client to assure a highly refined and unique outcome to fit your home and lifestyle. Each kitchen system is made to order in our Seattle workshop.
We believe that beauty should run deep.
We design for practical elegance... intelligent luxury that’s beautiful and highly functional, good to the core and tailored to the way you aspire to live.
To achieve these qualities we've combined aesthetics, function and craft quality into a flexible system of interrelated products. This result is fundamentally different than that of a cabinetmaking and millwork approach.
We start by focusing on specific tasks and activities that take place in every kitchen – food preparation, various types of cooking, cleaning, storing, serving – and then design elegant tools for each activity into furniture-like forms. Every product is produced in our own production facility.
From our Horizontal Bar Block...
To our interior drawer component system...
To our backsplash system...
You get specialized functionality plus flexibility - crafted from materials that are both beautiful and long lasting.
Designed to optimize function and interrelate with each other, these components bring a unique combination of utility and beauty to your kitchen.
Each element of the kitchen is designed as a product. This creates a built-in level of refinement, allowing us to focus our design work with you on the bigger picture of flow, massing, and the ideal configuration - for you.
Another key distinction of Henrybuilt is the level of design service you receive.
We have a team of architects and designers on staff. One of them will work with you - and your architect if you are working with one - to assure that your kitchen is thoroughly integrated into the architecture of your home.
We make sure the layout, and its orientation to the space, including adjacent spaces, is optimally designed for your specific needs and use patterns.
Our family of products allows wide aesthetic range and plan flexibility, and a custom fit to your home.
Once a strong overall plan is established, we work with you to establish a refined set of formal and functional relationships within the kitchen, and a material palette that relates well to other materials in the home.
The build quality of the product is exceptional. The quality of the materials we use, and the fabrication quality, enables us to offer a lifetime warranty on defects in material and fabrication.
We work with you to create a kitchen personalized to your taste and your home, while achieving a lasting quality standard that is distinctively Henrybuilt.
Each kitchen is completely unique, designed and built to order. Fitted meticulously to your needs, and your space.