Why Henrybuilt
The Evolution of the Home
Henrybuilt was founded in 2001 to set a new standard of quality in the areas of a home that are most central to the living experience.
We began by taking a new approach to the kitchen... combining a system approach to product innovation with a natural, highly crafted feel.
... based on that success, we extended our product line to almost every room in the home.
From our Seattle headquarters and our studios in New York and California – we work with homeowners, architects and builders on homes throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.
We focus on creating a uniquely high-touch experience through a combination of product design with luxury level craft and materials – accompanied by a careful weaving into the architecture we work within. The result is a refined, custom result with forward-thinking performance.
The foundation is an integrated, flexible system of storage solutions and furnishings that go far beyond traditional cabinetmaking—and, in fact, defy the current language of cabinetry altogether. These are specialized pieces designed for specific purposes: furniture, counters, backsplash systems, integrated lighting, panel systems, fluid walls and shelving, and reconfigurable organizational systems.
The functional sophistication of our work is based on close observation of specific tasks and activities that take place in every home: food preparation, various types of cooking, cleaning, serving, storing, dressing, coming and going...
We then design specialized tools for each activity into furniture-like forms.
We define flexible relationships between them so they can be used different ways and in many different situations.
We design for practical elegance...
...beautiful and highly functional, good to the core, tailored to the way you aspire to live.
Islands that adjust to individual entertaining and cooking styles.
Dressing elements tailored to your own private, personal experiences.
Partitions and open wall solutions that both shape space and do work for you.
We believe beauty should run deep – that it can be more enjoyable to do the basic things you do every day: more fluid, natural and easy. You should have the joy of living with useful things that are built to last.
And if you’re wondering when to start working with us… Start as early as you can. We help you and your team navigate the scores of individual decisions that affect what goes where in your home, the proportional relationships of various forms, and the way you move through interactive spaces.
This is why Henrybuilt works in this new way: to bring a uniquely enjoyable and elevated daily experience into your home.