How We Work

We have designed and produced thousands of projects around the world. Each of them is completely unique.

We provide an expert, tightly focused design service that complements the services provided by most architects and designers. Henrybuilt can also work directly with you as a homeowner, and can recommend an architect in most areas, if helpful to you. We are comfortable and experienced working in a wide range of situations.

When to start working with us
Start as soon as you can.

The work we do is part of the design process for your home. In the typical construction schedule ‘ordering cabinets’ is something that is done well into the construction process. Working with Henrybuilt is not about ordering cabinets.

Working with us is about integrating a host of smart design decisions that affect the entire space, not just cabinets. Early involvement streamlines process, saves money, and increases quality.

And it creates the kind of integration between architecture and built-in elements that yields great results.


After gaining an understanding of your goals and priorities, we work with you to simplify the path to achieving an exceptional result. We then produce all the elements of your project in our own workshop, deliver them using our returnable container system, and prepare your team for installation.

The first step is an initial planning conversation. You do not need to have drawings to begin the process.

To see the full range of our work, connect with us for a conversation and a deeper look at our extensive portfolio.