Creating the Feeling of Flow

The Henrybuilt Backsplash

A slight shift, a smooth slide, and seamless workflow are among the subtleties that distinguish the Henrybuilt kitchen. Everything right where you need it – our backsplash system is highly customizable to your needs and can be widely integrated using a range of materials and finishes. See how it works.

A combination of stationary and movable shelving create refinement in Washington, DC
Subtle implementation of high function in Austin, Texas
A functional composition...
Knife blocks can be integrated into shelving - to keep them off the counter surface and make cleaning easier... and to create a beautiful composition.
Our Opencase system allows you to easily convert a tool bar like this into a bottle rack or a shallow shelf.
Slide the shelf left to right to place your cookbook right where you want it.
Everything at the ready for the high-intensity kitchen that still needs to look good.
The backsplash is intuitive and creates ease in everyday tasks.
Steel shelves in many colors - to stand out, or blend in.
Modern function and a traditional feel meet in this high use butler’s pantry in Aspen, Colorado
Shelving slides seamlessly from one workspace to the next.
Henrybuilt’s Opencase system is integrated into the upper section of this wall, so that you can arrange things as you wish.